These restrictions are advised to prevent overheating of the body and to limit increased blood flow and circulation to areas of concern. Keep skin stimulation to a minimum prior to your scan to obtain the most accurate information.

Four days prior to scan:
Avoid prolonged sun exposure or tanning booth. Sunburn would preclude the exam.

Within 24 hours of your scan:
No mechanical treatment or stimulation; this includes massage, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, TENS, physical therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot or cold pack use. No exercise or strenuous physical activity.

The day of your scan:
Avoid caffeine. Do not wear heavy jewelry. Wear loose clothing.  Do not stimulate the skin by rubbing with lotions, shaving or applying roll-on or stick deodorants. Spray deodorants are acceptable.

Four hours before your scan:
If you are using anti-inflammatory medications, please do your best to avoid taking these drugs before your examination: Aspirin, Advil, Aleve and Ibuprofen.

Two hours before your scan:
No smoking.

One hour before your scan:
Do not bathe/shower just before your appointment as this may stimulate the skin.

Other considerations:

Please bring your completed intake forms with you or arrive a few minutes early to fill them out.

You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present at the examination.

Do not schedule your Thermogram during menstruation or within 2-3 days before the start of your cycle. Estrogen stimulation and circulation are highest during those times.

It is best to wait until you have stopped nursing for at least three months before getting a Thermogram. The exception is if you are having problems that suggest an infection or mastitis. Thermography can be very helpful under these circumstances.

If you have had a biopsy or lumpectomy it is best to wait at least three months before establishing/re-establishing a baseline.


About the exam:

There is no contact, no radiation and no contrast agents are used.  The room temperature will be cool and you will be seated or standing in front of the thermal camera for imaging.

Prior to imaging you will be asked to disrobe for the areas being imaged and a gown will be provided for you to wear while you recline or lie on a cooling bed and the thermographer goes over your history and notes with you.  Time will be allowed both before and during the exam for your skin's surface temperature to equilibrate.  Once the areas being imaged have cooled, the thermographer will have you move to a seat in front of the camera.  You will disrobe the areas being imaged.  For breast thermography you will need to place your hands on the top of your head for imaging.  Please let your thermographer know if you have any limitations with raising your hands above your shoulders.

The thermographer will use a computer program to take images and obtain the appropriate views to submit to EMI where doctors called thermologists will interpret them and draw a comprehensive report that will be returned to you via mail or electronically.